Bringing real-world brand advertising into video games.

Bringing real-world brand advertising into video games.


There are 2.6 billion gamers in the world.

Anzu connects advertising and gaming by immersing non-disruptive brand ads inside video games across platforms.

Advertisers, reach unexplored audiences.
Developers, monetize existing audiences.
Gamers, keep on playing.

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Gamers don't hate ads -
they hate intrusive ads.

Gamers don't hate ads -
they hate intrusive ads.

Have you ever been playing a game when suddenly, an ad fills the screen?
We have.
This type of advertising is disruptive - as gamers, we get it. It's also inefficient for both brands and game developers who care about their audiences. So we set out to create a new type of advertising technology that gives developers
a sustainable way to monetize existing games, esports, and streaming without harming the user experience.

Our solution enables brands to engage gamers with immersive programmatic ads, features a patent-pending
3D ad verification system, brand-lift measurement, fraud protection, and more.

Most importantly, Anzu ads let the gamers play.
Better for Developers
  • New revenue streams, enhanced gaming experience
  • Battle-tested technology, real-time inventory control
  • Monetize esports and game streaming audiences
Better for Advertisers
  • Premium audiences in brand-safe environments
  • 100% verified views, tracked and reported
  • Hyper-targeted ads, served programmatically

With the gaming market rising to a 166 Billion dollar industry by 2020 (from 93Bn in 2015), and 66% of Gen Z citing gaming as their number one hobby, the category is quickly ascending as the “new social network” and the next dominant digital media format. Gamers represent a highly valuable and sometimes difficult-to-reach consumer demographic, so advertising within gaming environments represents a unique, growing ad opportunity. Anzu’s tech enables data-driven programmatic targeting, creative optimization of innovative ad formats blended in-environment, and viewability measurement “in-game” through Twitch, all in a brand-safe environment. For these reasons, we encouraged WPP’s investment in Anzu.

Tim Castree

GroupM North America, CEO

Through its native in-game advertising solution that features ad viewability and programmatic capabilities, Anzu has opened up new ways of reaching consumers, allowing WPP to make gaming more accessible to its clients. The in-depth data insights, scale and audiences offered by Anzu's exclusive inventory will help connect
brands with gamers around the world, delivering transformative growth across a range of gaming platforms and titles.

Dominic Grainger

GroupM EMEA & The WPP Sports Practice, CEO

We have been looking for a company like Anzu for years and I have not found even one, but a month ago they found me. Their offer was something I was looking for. I am impressed how professional they are. I have been asking tons of questions and they answered every single one within hours. The implementation of the ads was very easy and the revenue is beyond my expectations. Also my soccer game Ball 3D now looks much better thanks to realistic ads being shown,like on a real soccer stadium. I can recommend Anzu ads to every developer.

Mariusz Kowalczyk

Unusualsoft, Owner

Herocraft was pleasantly surprised by the possibilities we discovered with the help of Anzu.
They showed a great solution, which can help us to create an additional stream of revenue, and provide a good user experience.

Ekaterina Portunova

HeroCraft, Ad Monetization Manager has become an actual new source of income for our game. This kind of non-invasive advertising has been fully accepted by our users and it's perfect for a sports game like Final Kick.

Daniel Solis

Dark Curry, Co-Founder

Performance has exceeded our expectations so far. Our games are a really good fit for this type of advertising, and we particularly like that we’re earning money from players without sending anybody out of the game. We can’t wait to see how things evolve from here.

Bryan Stealey

Turborilla, CEO

We’re thrilled to partner with Anzu to bring real-world ads to our enthusiastic and diverse Real Boxing 2 and Gravity Rider Zero gamers. Their technology is uniquely positioned to create more in-game realism while giving brands an authentic way to connect with our gaming audiences.

Remi Koscielny

Vivid Games, CEO

As a new-age publisher, we are aware of how the modern gamer is consuming content and what kind of
experience they expect from today’s games. Anzu presents limitless advertising opportunities for us to bring premium brands to our games. By opening our games to in-game advertising, we are able
to offer new kinds of experiences to our gamers.

Stefan Berger

Toplitz Productions, Head of Business Development

Anzu is a one stop shop for deploying and generating revenue from virtual in game Ads. After trying other leading virtual Ad companies and receiving lackluster results Anzu became a much appreciated partner for Casual Monster.

Uğur Akın

Casual Monster, Founder & CEO

Ultimate Gaming Gateway

Anzu opens up global audiences of 2.6 billion people to advertisers via our exclusive network of premium games.

Battle-Tested Technology

A cross-platform SDK with years of optimization and the highest security certifications. Anzu is the choice of industry leaders who are ready to pioneer a new era of non-disruptive advertising.

Full-Stack Solution

Much more than just serving ads. We bring together the top solutions in ad measurement, data enrichment, and fraud protection, all in one platform.

Esports and Live Game Streaming

The first and only programmatic in-game advertising solution for esports and streaming. Anzu enables brands to serve and measure ads in-tournament, in-game, and in-stream.