Appoints Itamar Benedy as CEO

01 April 2019 | By Anzu

An edited version of this article was published originally on MarTech Advisor

We are excited to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Itamar Benedy. In this new role, Benedy will shape, manage and execute an overall corporate strategy, translating the product’s innovative features into a revenue-generating business. In addition, he will focus on amplifying brand relationships and positioning Anzu as a leader in the in-game advertising world.

Benedy is the former CEO of Glispa Global Group and brings over a decade of leadership experience in the ad tech world. At the helm of Glispa, Benedy oversaw its transformation from an affiliate marketing company into a full-stack ad tech business, including the acquisition of JustAd and Relevantech. In addition to Benedy’s appointment, we are also happy to announce the introduction of programmatic display advertising to games consoles and esports environments.

”Anzu has broken new ground by introducing programmatic in-game ads for consoles and the significance for gaming giants shouldn’t be understated. It creates a level playing field for the free-to play business model and provides new commercial revenue streams. The success of Epic Game’s free-to-play multiplayer, Fortnite, prompted AAA video game studios to consider the new monetization model seriously and after a year of successful operations in mobile and PC, Anzu is launching its product to enable display ads in console and esports environments to take advantage of this move,” Benedy commented.

Brand advertisers can take advantage of Anzu’s technology to engage and interact with the unicorn esports and console audiences in new ways and at scale. The platform enables advertisers to target the right people before, during, and after the event, and serve ads in real time to further amplify the esports sponsorship and advertising market.

  “With its robust and sophisticated technology built by product and tech gurus Ben Fenster and Michael Badichi, Anzu is perfectly positioned to own a new media channel that enables and automates the connection between brands and games,” Benedy said.

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