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Supports all major 3D development platforms and hardware devices

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A cross-platform solution with dedicated plugins for all major 3D development platforms and hardware devices

Cutting Edge SDK

Cross-platform and lightweight. High performance C++ core. Drag-and-drop integration using IDE plugins. Creative ad units that support 2D & 3D ad formats. Custom metrics. 3D ad tracking engine. Ad optimization engine. Real-time push updates

One-Stop Shop

Self-serve publisher 3D advertising platform. Account management services. Many ad units and supported ad formats. 3D ad tracking technology. Comprehensive analytics and reporting


Innovative Anzu technologies fully support every aspect of immersive advertising: ad display, tracking and suitable call-to-action across all platforms.

Comprehensive Data Platform

Analyze performance of your campaigns or end-user behavior and slice-and-dice your data with detailed reports and visualizations

Real-Time Updates

Anzu SDK architecture enables campaign updates, SDK configuration changes, SDK business logic changes and more in real time via push updates