Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support browser games (WebGL)?
We do not support browser and mobile web games, as our product is a plugin for game engines. As such we can support mobile games, PC, consoles, AR and VR.
How do I integrate with Anzu?
In order to integrate with the platform you should sign up here and install our SDK.
What happens to an ad placement when there is no ad available?
We give game developers full control of the fallback media for a case when there is no ad to serve. Below are a few fallback media options you can implement:

  • PMP campaigns that you may have with direct advertisers

  • Cross-promo campaigns of other titles you might have

  • An image that blends in perfectly with the environment

  • A call-to-action message

  • A text message to the players

  • Fake ad

How can I control the ad content that I will be served?
We provide full control over ad content using the following mechanisms:

  • Filters and blocking functionalities you can set in your dashboard: IAB ad categories, demand sources, demand source seat IDs, advertiser domains, specific creatives and more. We can also add any other filters you need, supported by the oRTB protocol

  • An AI ad compliance tool created in collaboration with IBM that can recognize and filter ad content. Read more about it here

  • In case of PMP deals, all the ad content can be reviewed and approved in advance

Is Anzu a self-serve platform?
Anzu provides both self-serve and managed capabilities.
Can I launch cross-promo campaigns and set up direct deals?
Yes, you can set up both cross-promo campaigns and direct deals with your existing advertisers.
How can I start advertising with Anzu?
To get started with Anzu please contact us at or sign up here and we will get back to you very soon!
Are any specific creatives required to get started with Anzu?
No, Anzu is compatible with the IAB-defined advertising formats. You can start to advertise using the creatives you already have – images, banners, videos, logos, HTML5 and others.
How do you measure ad viewability?
Ad viewability and impressions are measured based on the IAB and MRC ad measurement guidelines published on their websites which are based on measuring the viewable portion of the creative, size the ad takes from the screen, angle of the ad in relation to the user viewport, viewable ad exposure time and more.
What are your targeting capabilities?
Our targeting capabilities include:
- contextual targeting
- device targeting
- geo targeting (including hyper-location)
- demographic targeting
- behavioral targeting
What ad formats does Anzu offer?
Anzu offers blended in-game logos, banners, videos, audio and playable ads. All the ad types we have are compatible with standard IAB ad formats and sizes. You can find more detailed information about our ad formats here.
What pricing models do you support?
We support CPM, CPC and CPS
What platforms and game engines does Anzu support?
Anzu currently supports the following platforms and devices:

Game Engines: Unity, Unreal, Custom
Mobile: Android, iOS
Console: Xbox, PS4
PC: Win, Mac
Connected TV: Apple TV
VR In-head: Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR, Daydream, Vive, Oculus
Are you GDPR and COPPA compliant?
Yes. You may find our Privacy Policy here and our T&C here