Q: What OS and platforms does Anzu support?

A: Anzu currently supports the following platforms and devices:
Frameworks: Unity, Unreal
Immersive platforms: Oculus, Galaxy VR, Vive, Daydream, Card Board, Sony VR
Device platforms: Win, Mac, Android 4+, IOS 9+, PS4

Q: What ad formats does Anzu offer?

A: Anzu offers immersive native blended logo/image, blended audio, blended video, blended HTML5, 3D objects, as well as overlay HTML5, overlay video formats.

Q: How are Anzu ads different from other immersive platforms?

A: The Anzu platform offers a variety of fully immersive native ad units and formats with call-to-action support across all major platforms and devices. Our proprietary technology optimizes ads in real time ensuring they perfectly fit the immersive environment.

Q: Do you work on CPC or CPM?

A: We serve both CPC and CPM campaigns.

Q: Does Anzu require specific creatives?

A: No, you can start to advertise with the creatives you have - images, banners, videos, HTML5 ads.

Q: Can Anzu team create advertisements for my campaign?

A: Yes, the Anzu transformation engine will instantly optimize your existing content and blend it into immersive environments.