News Digest 11: Top Gaming News This Week

23 October, 2019 | By Anzu


Image source:Pokémon GO

It’s the week before Halloween comes to town! Amidst all the trick and treating, the gaming industry is also shaking things up with some new announcements. Here’s our roundup of this week’s news-makers:

League of Legends recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. But what makes the game a “worldwide sensation”? Read the special report from CNBC’s Annie Pie that goes into insights on why the game continues to attract the size of users it does. “A big driver for League of Legends has been Riot’s focus on producing content to tap into their player base, which Riot co-founder Marc Merrill says mirrors the increasing emphasis on quality content in the gaming and entertainment space to consumer engagement and spending,” the report says.

Steam has launched a beta version of its new Remote Play Together feature that will allow users to play local multiplayer games over the internet, reports The Verge. It also further states that only one player is required to host the game which “could make it a cheap way for a group of friends to try out a new game.”

Fans of Pokemon Go have exciting news to look out for! Nintendo has announced that online battles will come to Pokemon Go in 2020 in a new feature called Go Battle League. In a statement, the company said the feature will build upon Trainer Battles. Read more here.

Twitch, the popular esports streaming platform, has announced that it has hired former Zynga’s marketing head Doug Scott as their new CMO. Read more on AdWeek.

TechCrunch reports that YouTube’s founder Chad Hurley is “secretly building sports fan game GreenPark” for people to experience live games together and cheerings for the athletes. The company is called GreenPark Spots and is slated for a spring 2020 launch.

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