News Digest 15: Top Gaming News This Week

20 November, 2019 | By Anzu


Image source: Google Stadia

It’s going to be an exciting two weeks to watch out for! With Thanksgiving and Black Friday approaching how will gaming trends shape up? We will be on the look out, but for this week here are the biggest news-makers.

The much-awaited Google Stadia, a service for streaming and playing games without needing to own a hard copy or even a console, was launched on Tuesday. While there are still reviews coming in on how the service fares in a space that is getting competitive around cloud gaming, here’s one from The Verge. What’s your take?

“The video gaming world is bracing for a cloud-based, console-less future,” reads a report in VentureBeat. As Google Stadia launches, the industry will wait to see how the future of cloud gaming will evolve. But is edge computing the answer to console-free gaming? “For console-less gaming, the edge enables new platforms to mimic the advantages of a console, while improving the accessibility of games by getting rid of the need to spend hundreds on dedicated devices,” the report further states. Read the full report here.

“Is franchising the future of esports,” asks Adam Stern in The Esports Observer. With game publishers such as Activision Blizzard and Riot Games adding franchising system to some of their esports leagues, other publishers too are debating on the possibility of adding franchises to their games. “But questions remain about whether some of the franchise fees were exorbitant, whether geo-location is the best way to unlock fandom for franchised leagues, and whether some games that are currently not franchised would be best served by staying that way.”

With more than 200 million gamers on YouTube, India is becoming an attractive market for live streaming. This report in the Business Standard goes inside the rise of the online gaming community and what’s to come.

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