News Digest 2: 5 Big Gaming News This Week

22 August, 2019 | By Anzu

  We are back this week with yet another roundup of the most exciting gaming news of the week. We will focus on big announcements, key trends, and much more, so you can be on top of the latest from gaming industry. Our current week’s roundup focuses on:  

“Small towns are building esports meccas,” reports VentureBeat. It is an interesting report on how small towns are opening themselves up to investments in competitive gaming. The most notable example comes from Katowice, that has been a mining town for centuries. But today the town hosts one of the most prestigious Counter-Strike tournaments in the world. Read this fascinating story of how esports is taking cities by storm!

Staying on with VentureBeat, yet another fascinating story caught our eyes! Big video games, until recently, were sold like big Hollywood movies with flashy promos. But that is now changing and the focus is increasingly on acquiring and retaining customers for longer through ongoing services. What is bringing about this change? Read more about it in this article.

Gamescom is underway and one of the most exciting announcements there for the gamers is around Cyberpunk 2077. It was announced at the event that the most anticipated game of 2020 will be available on Google Stadia. Google also said upcoming Ubisoft releases Gods and Monsters, and Watch Dogs Legion will also be coming to their cloud gaming service.


Scopely, the Los Angeles-based gaming company, announced that it is expanding to Spain and Ireland. The company also recently launched Star Trek Fleet Command and Looney Tunes World of Mayhem and has said it has licenses to develop games for WWE and The Walking Dead franchise. Find more details on TechCrunch.

Epic Games is opening streaming-focused studio led by Star Wars: Rogue Squadron creators, reports Gamingstreet The report suggests that with the new studio Epic Games will focus on “emerging forms of interactive media and streaming technologies." It is expected that Epic plans to launch its own live-streaming platform to challenge Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer.

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