News Digest 24: Top Gaming News This Week

5 February, 2020 | By Anzu

This week’s biggest news comes from Nvidia’s game streaming service, while esports continues to move forward with new developments to watch out for. Here’s our roundup of the biggest newsmakers:

Nvidia’s game streaming service, GeForce Now, released this week after having been in beta for several years. The service allows you to play PC games on a wide variety of devices, including cross-play with players who aren’t using GeForce. Read more on Business Insider.

Torque Esport’s tournament and broadcast group UMG Media Ltd. has signed a deal with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios to facilitate, produce, and broadcast the Gears 5 Esports Challenger Series Finals, reports The Esports Observer.

The popular esports organization Faze Clan is planning an interactive contest show on mobile subscription video service Quibi, that will allow six gamers to compete for a spot on its esports team. Read more on CNet.

With the growing investment into esports, there is a growing need for insights into the trends, risks and market growth. To facilitate this, Esports Insider, Ltd. and Deloitte Corporate Finance will team up in 2020 to provide their insights into investments in the esports industry. Read more on The Esports Insider.

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