News Digest 31: Top Gaming News This Week

26 March, 2020 | By Anzu

For all those who have been feeling down due to stricter measures of quarantine and missing family and friends, we offer a possible solution: playing video games and watching esports! As more and more people log on for all kinds of reasons from fighting low moods and boredom to fundraising for charities, they’re also building new friendships with new people across the globe.

Everyone knows that a growing number of mainstream sporting events have been recently shifting towards esports. The good news is that many sporting organizations (from La Liga to F1 and the NBA) already had an esports infrastructure in place which allowed them to easily adapt to the sudden shift, reports Esports Wizard.  Impressive amounts of fans are tuning in to watch competitions at the same time confirms the immense potential of esports not only as a part or an alternative to mainstream sports, but also as a worthy extension and opportunity to attract a younger generation of players. It seems that sports is truly ready to go digital, are you?

Movie theatres and sports centers may be experiencing restrictions, but there are groups benefitting from the ongoing social distancing, and one of them is gamers. Yes, being stuck at home does have its perks, assures The Hindu. Read on if you’d like to get a full understanding of why live streaming platforms are so popular with gamers and why we are experiencing a gaming revolution right now.

True Lab, a game provider within the True Flip group, unveiled another uniquely themed slot with a Buy Bonus feature, reports European Gaming. The creators behind «Startup Valley» believe that the game with its cool features, signature visuals, and bonuses will fit nicely into their 2020 roadmap, proving attractive to a broad audience.

Danish esports organization North, which boasts partnerships with Capgemini, NOCCO and Pinnacle, has extended its partnership with audio equipment maker EPOS. As part of the arrangement, North’s players will use EPOS’ audio equipment for both travel and match use. EPOS will also be featured prominently on the North game jersey for the remainder of 2020, starting at the ESL Pro League. More details on the Esports Observer.

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