News Digest 51: Top Gaming News This Week

13 August, 2020 | By Anzu

Esports enters the restaurant scene, the pandemic continues to influence gaming behavior, gaming is GOOD for your brain, and more exciting news on the gaming and esports front in this week’s news digest!

Buffalo Wild Wings has stepped up its engagement with esports this week, becoming the official sports bar of the League of Legends Championship Series. However, rather than focusing exclusively on broadcast integration or social media promotion, the restaurant chain aims to become a home for esports fans, reports the Esports Observer. Buffalo Wild Wings Director, Experience & Gaming Brandon Gill says that they were inspired by the traditional sports bars with fans gathering to watch a game, celebrate wins, and mourn loses. It seems we are stepping up into the era of esports bars :)

COVID-19 turns console gamers to digital sales in record numbers, reports Polygon, even though the transition to online storefronts and digital purchases has been the trend for years now. As an example, Electronic Arts reported that 52% of its full game sales, on consoles, came from online purchases over the preceding 12 months. Take-Two Interactive also told investors that 77% of current generation console game sales were delivered online. Sony followed up to report 74% of software unit sales for PlayStation 4 were digital for the preceding quarter. Plainly, this can be new consumer behavior influenced by the pandemic.

A new study conducted by the UK's National Literacy Trust linked video games to improved literacy, creativity, positive communication, empathy and mental wellbeing in young people. The reason behind such a conclusion is quite obvious: according to this survey, 79% of young people who play video games also read materials related to the medium, create fan fiction stories and chat with other community members. The studio also highlighted a certain correlation between playing games and having an ability to build social connections both online and in real life, cites

Honda will be the first brand partner of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) to move into the game itself. Earlier this summer, Riot Games announced the implementation of in-game banner ads featuring Mastercard and Alienware. Now, those banners will change to Honda, which has been a sponsor of the LCS for almost a year. With so many sports events cancelled this year, Riot Games will be one of the companies that even more brands will turn to in their quest for advertising options that help get deals done, concludes Esports Insider.

Team Liquid fans alert! As part of Team’s 20th anniversary celebration this year, they unveiled Liquid+, a platform that rewards the company’s esports fans for engaging with players by watching streams or participating in online events. In his interview with GamesBeat, Team Liquid’s Co-CEO Steve Arhancet recalls a touching personal story that inspired him to launch such a platform. Follow the link to get more details about the organization and new platform’s how-tos. is an in-game advertising platform that brings real-world brand ads to video gaming and esports. Backed by BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, WPP, and Axel Springer Digital Ventures, Anzu redefines digital advertising through seamless integration of non-intrusive ads into the gameplay. Bringing real-time data and programmatic to the video gaming world, the platform promises native advertising, brand safety and ad viewability. Follow Anzu on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.