News Digest 8: Top Gaming News This Week

02 October, 2019 | By Anzu


Image source Apple Arcade

Welcome to a new month and a brand new week! Holidays are fast approaching and there will be plenty to look forward to for gaming and advertising industry as we get closer to Black Friday! But for now, here’s what made biggest news:  

Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has entered into esports with its latest partnership with Riot Games. With this partnership Riot Games will enhance the live-viewing experience for League of Legends esports international events. Read more on The Drum.

With Apple and Google both gearing up to launch video platforms, it might give us a sense into how the future of the video games industry is likely to evolve. The lines between casual, free-to-play mobile games and traditional console games have already been blurred, but the entry of these tech giants, could be a defining moment into the key roles they will play in how the industry transforms. Business Insider reports.

As the esports industry matures, the need for more accurate insights into viewability and measurability have long been coming. Sweden’s Modern Times Group AB has announced that it has enlisted Nielsen to provide data on how many people are actually watching their ESL and Dreamhack events, reports Adage.

VentureBeat reports that Legionfarm Group has raised $1.5 million for its game services platform that uses esports pros to teach folks how to get better at playing games. The investment will also be used for integrating additional games and tests in VR, hiring employees, and testing new technologies.

 All-Star esports League has raised a seven-figure investment from Eric Bensussen, president of game controller maker PowerA. The company’s 17-year old founder Jordan Zietz will push free esports competitions to high schools, which will offer game competitions in titles such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Read more on VentureBeat.

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