News Digest 9: Top Gaming News This Week

09 October, 2019 | By Anzu

Big news from Anzu this week as we announced Mike Cookson, Nike’s former Head of Brand Media, joining our executive team as the Chief Strategy Officer. In other news from the industry, here’s what caught our attention:  

Brands are seeking out the elusive millennial audiences as esports continues to grow over traditional media, writes Dean Takahashi in VentureBeat. Dean reports from the esports BAR MIAMI event and says, “Esports teams are building out diversified businesses, spreading across different games, regions, and related businesses such as merchandise.”

Business Insider Intelligence has released a new research report on “The Rise of Cloud Gaming” that goes into details of understanding why cloud-based streaming is the next frontier in video gaming. In recent months, a number of cloud service providers and telecommunications companies have announced their plans to enter into cloud gaming. What’s driving them? Read here.

It’s interesting to see every week new developments in the field of esports. The latest is that esports would get its own media outlet similar to ESPN. The Video Game Entertainment and News Network (VENN) will go live next year with studios in New York and Los Angeles. Read more on USA Today.

Brands are moving away from traditional marketing channels to reach out to new and young users. Now, in a first, Snapchat will let people buy a product inside a game. Adidas has teamed up with Snapchat to create an 8-bit game that can be played in the social networking app where users can buy the new 8-bit-themed cleats. The game is produced in partnership with developer AvatarLabs. Read more on Engadget.

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